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This is why you drink more coffee than others

Sometimes, you may be drinking more coffee than the pure water because most of are addicted to coffee. Have you ever thought why I like the coffee taste?

Generally, we do not like to bitter taste. Actually, It is a natural adaptation. Due to this favour taste difference, we automatically avoid from some poisons.

But, everyone does not like to caffeine taste in coffee. Someone like to drink tea, someone like to consume ethanol contain drinks.

To resolve this taste favour differences scientist have conducted a study using 400 000 people in the United Kingdom. They have applied the Mendelian randomization technique. This technique is normally used for find disease distribution.

How bitter taste perceptions come to people

The results of this study show that our bitter taste perception is defined by our genetics. Also, it shows several relationships among beverage consumption pattern.

The people who love coffee are more sensitive to caffeine taste. They can distinguish caffeine bitter taste in coffee than others. This trait stimulates for more coffee consumption. That means coffee lovers are more sensitive for coffee bitter taste than others.

If you drink more coffee in a day. You may not favour to tea. This study also confirms that most of coffee taste lovers’ tea favour is low.

The people who like synthetic bitter tastes like quinine and PROP, do not like to coffee. Not only coffee they also do not like ethanol-containing beverages.

Mainly foods effect for our health. If genetics define our food consumption favours, Our gene pool totally responsible for our health. For have a clear idea of this taste phenomenon the research group now study about the mechanism of this taste senses with genetics.

This study was from Northwestern Medicine and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia. And their findings published in Scientific Reports.

Now think! You really like to drink coffee or your body request coffee.

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