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  • eco-conscious

    Eco Conscious: What does it mean?

    These days, most environmental experts ask us to be eco conscious. I am already in an eco friendly lifestyle. Then what is this? You may struggle. Simplify this is how to be an environmentally friendly individual or organization in a scientific way. Since all of the green fans love “eco” word, these words may use […] More

  • Shredded Paper

    How to Make Money from Shredded Paper

    Make money from shredded paper is the right way to manage your paper waste. Yes, you can start a sustainable usage of paper while earning a good profit. On a large scale, this is a profitable business. There are various, highly demanded products made with recycled paper.  Those who want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle […] More

  • indoor Succulent plant

    Bear Paw Succulent: Natural air cooler for your home

    Bear Paw Succulent or bear paw cactus is a fleshy plant. Adapted to face arid climates. Initially, this plant found in the Cape province of South Africa. Now, this is a popular plant among indoor plant keepers. They love this plant due to its’ unique leave shape. Do you want to see a fresh light […] More

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    This is why you drink more coffee than others

    Sometimes, you may be drinking more coffee than the pure water because most of are addicted to coffee. Have you ever thought why I like the coffee taste? Generally, we do not like to bitter taste. Actually, It is a natural adaptation. Due to this favour taste difference, we automatically avoid from some poisons. But, […] More

  • Best solar devices for home
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    Solar Powered Smart Gadgets For Your Home

      Increasing problems with fosill fuels. Scientists are more keen to use renewable energy sources. Within renewable energy sources the solar power is the major source. This video shows some solar powered devices for use your self in home.   More

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    Inexpensive Hydrogen Fuel From Water and Sunlight

    After the industrial revolution the whole world tended to depend on the fossil fuels. But the limitation of the fossil fuels scientist had to find alternative fuel sources for the energy requirements. As a results solar cells and other renewing energy sources are invented. Among these energy sources the hydrogen fuel is relatively a good […] More