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    How to Bake Mask to Disinfect: Reuse up to 20 Cycles.

    Wearing a face mask is the key step to ensure your protection during the pandemic.  High demand for personal protective equipment may make a shortage in your area. In such a situation you have to disinfect and reuse your PPEs. specially face masks. Do you know? You can reuse N95 face masks for 20 times […] More

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    New Findings May Help to Reconstruct Your Nose Based on Your Genome

    Can you give a complete answer to this question, What’s your face shape? You may give an answer with round, diamond, oval or square like one word. Although we categorized face shapes into several groups. Our face shapes and facial features have a huge diversity. Genetically It is known as a multipartite trait. Therefore, for […] More

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    Low Cost Custom Made Prostheses from Apatite.

    In modern medicine most of time, patients’ damaged organs are replaced by artificial organs. Due to some bio incompatible issues of these transplants patients have to face lot of problems. But now there are 100% biocompatible prostheses. But the problem is these high quality custom made prostheses have a high manufacturing cost. So lot of […] More

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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Side Effects

    The Human body has several hormones. Each hormone has a defined level for keep a healthy body.  When your body unable to control this defined hormone level it will be a starting point of our week health. Among these hormones the testosterone hormone plays a major role in men body.  It’s the responsible hormone which […] More

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    Heart Disease Prevention with High protein Foods

    As you are like to have a healthy and long lifetime, it is very important to prevent with Heart Diseases and have a great cardiovascular health, Because In modern world the Heart Diseases play major role in within non transmission Diseases. For Heart Disease Prevention generally specialists are asked to have a physical activity, reduce […] More

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    Cardiologists Were Able to Print More Accurate 3D Model of a Patient’s Heart

    A correct image of the organs of inside our body helps do get more accurate treatments for our diseases. By X-Ray technique human started to watch inside the human body. Then in modern medicine world CT and MRI techniques are used to diagnosis. In cardiology the three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography (3DTEE) method is used for crate […] More

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    Say good bye to trans fat and protect your memory

    Trans fat, It’s a kind of fat that includes our daily diet. Most artificial foods like burgers and other hydrogenated oil included foods have trans fat in high level. It’s also include in meat and milk naturally at low level. A new researsh shows that trans fat may able to hurt your memory. This research […] More