Proven way to be Eco Conscious Individual or Business owner

These days, most environmental experts ask us to be eco conscious. I am already in an eco friendly lifestyle. Then what is this? You may struggle. Simplify this is how to be an environmentally friendly individual or organization in a scientific way.

Since all of the green fans love “eco” word, these words may use to trap you. Therefore, it is better to know deeply about this concept. It also helps to change your lifestyle as well as make compliances in your business.

If you have a good strategy, you can quickly start up and go with it. A3 concept will help you to be environmentally conscious. Then you can choose the right products and behavior style for your life. Also, you can create a perfect green product or service.

Then, Let’s look at it step by step.

Why eco conscious

eco conscious
Eco conscious

This eco term has various explanations. However, eco conscious defines as showing sensitiveness for the environment. If an individual or product or service sensitive to the environment, it can show using environmentally friendly practices. 

As you know, currently, we are facing many challenges with the environment. Most of those challenges started with industrialization. It changed our lifestyle completely.

Look about your town or village.  Most of your area’s problems came with the corrupt practices of you and your neighbors.  As an example, the municipal council of your city is struggling with solid waste management because you do not separate your waste.

If people living in the urban council area are sensitive to the environment, the Urban Council can correctly manage their waste. Environmentally sensitive people know about the harmful effects of their trash on the environment. Then, they eventually separate their daily garbage.  Also, involve in recycling processes.

As this waste problem, we can solve many issues with our eco-sensitivity. Then what are the main concerns to be addressed?

Problems to be solved in the natural environment with an Eco conscious community

Environmental pollution problem
Environmental pollution

All of the struggles with the natural environment belong to two categories. They are limitations and pollution.

Limitation of Natural Resources

You can separate natural resources as renewable resources and non-renewable resources.

We love renewable resources Because we can use renewable resources without a limit. The best example is solar power. Typically, tropical countries receive 12 hours of daylight for a day. They can have solar energy as far as the sun last.

But some renewable resources have a carrying capacity. Though we consider them as a renewable resource, we must use them under a limit. Then they can freely regenerate.

You may have heard some campaigns about protecting forests and wildlife. We use woods beyond the limitation. Also, we hunt wildlife without a restriction. Then, they don’t have time to regenerate.

A sensitive society has an awareness about the struggle. Then the community can start sustainable practices with forests and wildlife. The result is a secure future with renewable resources.

Non-renewable resources need more attention than renewable sources.

Those resources have a big regeneration time compared to the human life span. So, there is no unlimited usage of those resources.

The example is mineral resources. We have a precise amount of minerals on the earth. Ilmenite like minerals require millions of years to generate through the mineral cycle.

So, eco conscious users and companies know about the situation of the minerals. Then, they involve in a circular economy for mineral usage.  

This practice resolves the problem with the limitation of mineral resources. Likewise, we can be sensitive about all-natural resources. Then, we can adapt according to its nature.

You can not see any natural product without the value addition. Even potable water purifies before your usage.

This process causes the biggest problem, pollution.

Environmental Pollution

You can hear various news on environmental pollution each day. All of that news can divide into common groups.

There are five major types of environmental pollution.  The main reason for all of this pollution is the lack of sensitivity to the environment.

Water pollution

people who live around rivers throw their wastes into rivers. They think they free from the debris since river flows. But they have forgotten about the water cycle.

Likewise, industries leak their wastes into water sources without any concern about water.

If these people and industries know their drinking water source affects by their activity, they never pollute the rivers and other water sources.

That is how directly pollute the water sources.

Also, we indirectly pollute water sources. The best example is eutrophication.

Farmers use excess fertilizers in their fields. But they don’t know what is happening to extra fertilizers going into nearby water sources. So an experienced and sensitive farmer can stop this pollution.

Air pollution

You can find air pollution reports about New Delhi in India and Begin in china. Those towns have the highest air pollution.

A significant air pollutant source is the exhausted air from motor traffic.

If those towns have environmentally conscious people, they will use public transport instead of private vehicles. Companies will try to reduce their emissions into the air. Farmers around New Delhi will not fire their post-harvest wastes.

Then we will not hear about air pollution in those cities. See what the power of the sensitivity is.

Soil pollution

After a considerable rain, look at the color of your nearest river. The intensity of the brown color shows the soil erosion of your area.

Also, we pollute soil mainly with plastics.

All of these soil pollution activities are preventable with our acts.

Noise pollution

As well as air pollution noise pollution mainly can see in town areas.

We create sounds. But we Don’t know its effects on the wildlife.

If you care about the birds coming into your home garden, You will never misuse your vehicle horn.

Light pollution

Your grandparents may have seen the milky way from your garden easily in their childhood. But now it’s hard to look even at the stars.

That happens due to the light we create at night.

All of the above pollutions in the environment can prevent with our efforts.

So, let’s know about the A3 concept to make environmentally conscious community. Such a community will solve these problems. 

A3 Concept for Be Eco conscious

Science Mirror would like to introduce the A3 concept.

You can use this concept to become an Eco conscious person. And Business owners can use it to create eco-friendly products and services.

A3 concept has three parts aware, avoid, and act.

A3 Concept
A3 Concept for become Eco conscious


We should give priority to environmental awareness. Most environmental polluters pollute the environment without knowing the drawbacks. As we discussed earlier, we can avoid harm to the environment with awareness.

An eco-friendly person should have a basic idea about the natural environment. Also should have an overview of how natural system works. This knowledge will help to adapt to the green lifestyle perfectly.


Awareness makes background to avoid with corrupt practices. Single-use Plastic bottle manufactures make bottles because of the high demand. As a consumer, if you avoid those bottles, it will make a negative impression for the manufactures. Then they eventually start with reusable bottles

Likewise, we can prevent environmentally harmful practices as an individual and community.


To become an eco conscious person or business, You and your team should start with green works. Avoidances are not only helping to achieve our target. We should start with good practices.

A typical example is conducting eco-conservation projects as communities. Those projects help to restore the damaged environment.

So, start to act from today.

Guide to the Environmentally conscious individual

Let’s see how to apply this A3 concept as an individual.

Environmentally conscious person
Be an Environmentally conscious person with A3 concept

These days, we can easily find information about the environment and green practices. Read green blogs once a week. These blogs will help to keep updated with current trends.

Also, you can follow environmental experts on social media to increase your awareness.

We discussed critical environmental problems to solve. You can find more details about those problems.

Read about the scientific background of a product and service before you buy it.  Actual friendliness may be different than the advertisements.

Don’t follow just green color products. Think about what happens to it after your usage. Try to find about biodegradability and recyclable ability of them.

As an individual, you can easily avoid harmful practices. Awareness will give you a signal about the eco-friendliness of the product or services. Don’t think twice to avoid harmful products.

Also, avoid pollution. Even biodegradable waste can pollute. Don’t throw your wastes into water sources or directly to the environment.

For full fill “Act” step, You can have green practices from your home.

Start to save energy. Change from conventional bulbs to LED bulbs. Always try to use natural light. Also, as a hard eco worker, you can go for solar panels.  There are so many energy-saving tips and tricks to explore them according to your requirements.

Start to change your transport method. Always try to use public services rather than your vehicle. If your workplace is nearby, you can use a foot bicycle to commute.

There are more green practices to protect our environment. Think about how to save water, avoid air and sound pollution, stop soil erosion, and even stop to light pollution.

Don’t go for more giant steps as a starter, like set up a solar panel. You can start with simple steps to become an environmentally conscious person. As a first step, trying to iron your whole required cloths for a week at one time. It will reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill as a bonus.

Build environmental consciousness of your business

environmental consciousness of the business
Build environmental consciousness of your business

Today most of the leading companies concern about the environment. They try to introduce environmentally friendly products for green lovers.

If you are thinking of making your business sensitive to the environment, you can follow the A3 concept. No matter you have a small or middle-size business. You can apply it easily.

First, you should develop your awareness. Here you can learn the effects of your business on the environment, legal requirements, available technologies, and requirements of your customers.

Then, you can practice “avoid.

First, Avoid resource wastage. Especially, wastage of water, energy, and raw materials. Minimizing wastage also improve your profit. Likewise, you can avoid harmful practices that you found when you study your business and environment.

As a business, lots to do with “act.” Here you can start standard environmental practices, like cleaner production. Also, go for green certifications like ISO 14001, Forest stewardship. You can make a change in your business and have specific certificates according to the nature of your business.

Don’t forget to conduct CSR projects with the environment. It will help you to grow your customer base as a return.

Start to enter the real green world.

Today most of the people follow eco conscious products or services as a trend. It is a good one. But this can use to make you fool. So avoid those traps follow our A3 concept. Then you can have real green practices. Also, as an entrepreneur get benefitted from this trend. Make your business as an environmentally conscious organization and help to build sustainable earth.

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