How to Make Money from Shredded Paper

Make money from shredded paper is the right way to manage your paper waste. Yes, you can start a sustainable usage of paper while earning a good profit.

On a large scale, this is a profitable business. There are various, highly demanded products made with recycled paper.  Those who want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle love those products.

Then why are you throw away this valuable source? As an individual, let’s see how to get benefited from this industry.

Why peoples looking for paper shredding services

Shredded papers are the tiny paper strips made from used papers. As you know, this is a great way to protect our privacy and sensitive data without burning them.

As well as privacy, there are several reasons for generating this type of waste.

According to some legal reasons, we have to destroy papers. Some companies have an agreement with customers. At the end of the service period, they bound to destroy sensitive data.

The green living trend drives us for a paperless working environment.  Then after scanning and digitizing information, Papers are useless. Result in ending in a shedding bin.

Companies don’t collect their old papers for fire safety. Paper clutters are the main reason for fire hazards. Therefore, to ensure fire safety, they throw away paper from storage.

Like you, every individual throws old bills, notes, paper packing materials into dustbins weekly or monthly basis.

See, there are lots of sources for shredded papers. Most of the time, you can collect them without spending a penny.

How to make money from shredded paper as an individual?

How to Make Money from Shredded Paper
How to Make Money from Shredded Paper

If you want to get rid of your old papers. There are good ways to get rid of them while having some money.

You have to wait sometime for collect enough amount of paper. Collect at least 20 kg of documents. Then look for places to sell your collection. They will pay for each kilogram. Some typical old paper buyers are,

  • Paper recycling centers.
  • Packing companies.
  • Ornamental production businesses.

Ensure your papers free with dust. Sunlight shade papers and lower the quality. Therefore, Collect them in a dark place.  Also, don’t forget to protect from rodents and pests.

Since there are no standard prices for shredded papers, Don’t be hurry to sell them. Ask from several places for prices and sell for the highest bid.

Do you want to make more money? Then try to value addition. You can make some handcrafted products in your free time using these tiny strips. Let’s look for some ideas.

Uses for shredded paper with an economical value

1. Make Paper bricks

If you are living in a rural area or your area, use firewoods. There is an opportunity.

Generally, Paper bricks use as burning fuel. These bricks are also useful in winter to have heat as a replacement for woods. Paper bricks will save your electricity bill too.

First, you have to soak paper strips with water. Then put them into a frame and give a pressure and remove water. You can make a frame with wood for this purpose. Add a mesh to the bottom. So you can easily remove water.

Dry your compacted paper bricks in sunlight.

You can sell these bricks along with firewoods as a startup.

2. Seed starter pots.

Papers are biodegradable.  So they can use for plant seeds. Most farmers use plastic seed starter pots to initiate their seeds. We can replace them with these paper pots. The advantage is farmers can directly plant their initiated seeds in the filed. With the growth of the plant, they will degrade naturally.

To make seed starter pots, you have to make pulp with paper strips. You can blender paper with some water.

Then spread pulp on a pot like structure. You can use a muffin tin for this. Dry it in an oven or direct sunlight to have the final product.

Seed starter pots will be a good income source in agricultural areas.

3. Paper bouquets

Paper bouquets
Paper bouquets

Everyone knows about paper flowers. There are origami techniques to make beautiful handicrafts. You can use them and make lovely bouquets. Colored papers will make your end product more successful.

Bouquets, with wishes, have good demand.

4. Seed papers.

Paper with embed seeds have a good value. After letting them into the environment, they will give plants while composting paper.

These papers are popular among green lovers. You can make a paper pulp with your waste papers and mix some valuable small dry seeds.

Then spread pulp on a flat surface. Then remove water and have a recycled paper with seed.

Improve that paper as a birthday wish card. Sell those cards into book shops.

If you wish to start a business with shredded papers, consider about following ideas.

Business Ideas with shredded paper

1. Document scanning and shredding services

This type of services digitize documents and shred them. The target market is the businesses that are going to have a paperless working environment. This business is perfect for urban areas with greenery trend.

2. Secure document shredding services

As I mentioned earlier, most companies want to destroy their documents due to legal requirements. In this business model, you have to ensure the security and privacy of the documents.  Therefore, you can target a different type of market than the previous business idea. 

Some types of companies can’t move for paperless working methods. An example is legal consultation firms. They depend on papers forever. Therefore, you can have a secure profit income with this idea.

3. Mobile paper shredding service

secure document shredding services
Secure document shredding services

Mobile service can have more sales. Because people don’t need shredding service daily. But in months or weekly. You can plan your visit according to your customers’ requirements.

You just only need a shredding machine and a small truck for travel.

Before starting a business, according to the above ideas, you must do market research. Different areas have various types of lifestyles. Also, a different kind of legal frameworks. These two factors mainly affect businesses based on old papers.

Everyone talks about sustainable paper usage and minimize tree cuttings. Target is the protect the environment. Eco-friendly lifestyles are not only giving benefits to the environment. It also gives you advantages. So, Don’t throw your old papers into garbage bins. Think creatively and start to make money from shredded paper.

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