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Why humans are Failed to Solve the Problem of Emerging Diseases from Animals

Now, human experience the exponential growth of their population. Due to limitation off resources this population growth became a huge environmental problem. so, Human need to control the population growth. But the reality is every human need to live long time and try to secure their generation. Therefore, it can be see a high effort of human groups to develop of their health sector. Some ecologists believe that the diseases of human are the effort of nature to control human population. It may be true because nature is a system which is in equilibrium. However, the diseases emerging from animals are became a major environmental problem to human. Most emerges diseases from animals are failed to control from spreading whole over the world. There are few reasons for fail solve this problem.

How emerge diseases from animals

Most of diseases from animals emerged into human population due to the human activities. These activities may be from wildlife hunting to livestock industry. As an example hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, monkey pox, SARS and modern pandemics such as HIV/AIDS diseases are emerged into human population due to close activities of human with animals. These diseases were caused lots of human illness and millions of deaths. This environmental problem is still happening. The novel zoonose, the “Zika” is a good example for current situation of this problem. Human hard to control or solve these type of environmental problems because these diseases are caused due to agents like bacteria and virus. These microorganisms use animals that are close to human as a Reservoir. The avian flu(H1N1) was spreaded within human due to large scale commercial birds livestocks. Now agriculture and livestock industry are the major economic activities in global level. So, it is harder to control breeding animals in larger scale. Most of farmers select selected animals to breed. Therefore, all livestock has same health condition like immunity to certain diseases. This is a quite different system from natural environment. Natural environment consists with same species with different level of health conditions therefore its harder to spread a disease in natural environment. But alternation of nature rules by human is the major reason for sustainably solve environmental problems causing by these type of diseases.

The antibiotics are the major answer to these diseases created by human. But fast evolve process of microbes and bad usage of antibiotics cause resistant within microbe agents of diseases. Developing resistant against an antibiotic convert that antibiotic as a worthless thing. This problems happening in developing countries and they release antibiotics into environment without a limit. This may cause due to uneducated people. So, environment contamination helps to zoonoses to resist to that antibiotics. Even for new zoonoses. So, environmentalists face huge problem to solve problems due to diseases coming from animals.

How to Solve this problem?

For sustainably solve this problem, it should be get some actions within whole human community. Strong restriction and regulation of transporting animals within countries, sustainable and environmental friendly practices in livestock industry, Proper usage of antibiotics, increase the awareness within whole community are the some of them. But climate change like other environmental problems also convert this problem more viral. So, other environmental problems are also should be resolve simultaneously.

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