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Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Side Effects

The Human body has several hormones. Each hormone has a defined level for keep a healthy body.  When your body unable to control this defined hormone level it will be a starting point of our week health. Among these hormones the testosterone hormone plays a major role in men body.  It’s the responsible hormone which develop male sexual characteristics. If you are a teenager you definitely know that the testosterone hormone is important for maintain our muscle bulk. 95% of this steroid hormone is produced in the testes in male. With the age this glands are unable to produce defined level of the testosterone hormone and caused low testosterone or called low t. Then, as you know most men have the answer for this problem through the testosterone replacement therapy.
testosterone replacement therapy

When and How to have Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are several low testosterone symptoms. If you lost your sex drive or having erectile dysfunction, it may be a symptom of low t. Some people can’t concentrate their mind for their work and very depressed this is also a symptom. If someone have these symptoms it can be verify by having a blood test. When we considering the causes of low testosterone the aging is the first one, in addition to stress, obesity ,alcoholism, chronic kidney failure and infection of the testicles may also cause the low t. If you have this hormone problem you have to get treatments. The major treatment, the testosterone therapy is given via intramuscular injections, testosterone gel, testosterone stick or using mucoadhesive material applied above the teeth.

The Side effects of this Hormone Therapy

The all studies of such as in 2012 and 2014 showed that low t treatments increase the risk of the cardiovascular disease. But new studies gives both good and bad news for you. The good one is there are no evidence for the incensement of the risk of cardiovascular disease by this therapy. The study was done by Abdulmaged Traish, PhD researcher at American Physiological Society (aps). He also have demonstrated the beneficial effects of testosterone therapy in men health.
All good stories have a bat story. When showing good effects another research say that this hormone therapy causes the kidney damage in hypertensive men. This finding also released at the same conference of the aps. That research was done by the University of Tennessee health science center. According to research this kidney damages caused by the 6β-hydroxytestosterone (6β-OHT) which is a compound produced by testosterone metabolism. It’s known that this compound also responsible for heart damages by the high blood pressure. To study this incident they were used two group of mice. One group was lack of the testosterone. And also they have high angiotensin 2 hormone which is caused to raise blood pressure. And other mice group had high testosterone level due to lack of the testosterone break down protein gene and had less angiotensin 2 compared to first group. Both of mice group were treated with 6β-OHT. The result was the mice with high testosterone hormone had less kidney damage serve ability.

According to this results we can conclude that there is a risk of have cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases by getting a high testosterone replacement therapy. Here we discussed only two side effects of this treatment. There are several other side effects also have identified, such as prostate cancer, worsening of sleep apnea, Breast enlargement and stroke.

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