How to stop glasses from fogging with face mask?

Are you using spectacles? Then you may be facing a problem in this pandemic. Now we have always to wear a mask in our workplace. Spectacle plus a mask results mist. This mist is another big problem with face masks. Sometimes you may work without your spectacle to get rid of this struggle. Don’t worry, and there are solutions. Use them and keep working with a good vision. Then, Let’s see How to stop glasses from fogging with face mask.

Science Behind fog on the glasses

We all know our exhaled air cause this struggle. Exhaled air has about 5.0 – 6.3% of water vapor.

When we breathe out with the mask, exhaled air is trying to escape through layers of the face mask. But space between our cheeks and mask make an easy path. Then, warmer exhaled air going up word, hit on the lenses surface.

The cooler surface of the lenses facilitates to cadence water in exhaled air.  Due to surface tension, water makes tiny droplets resulting in fog on spectacle’s lenses.  

This close look suggests two solutions. One is to stop exhaled air hit on lenses. The second one is reducing the surface tension on the lenses. Let’s see how to do this.

Solutions for stop glasses from fogging with a face mask?

Solution one

Nose Bridge to stop fogging with face mask
Nose Bridge to stop fogging with face mask

Use a properly manufactured standard face mask. Standard surgical masks have a nose bridge.  We can adjust mask shape by adjusting nose bridge shape. Then, It will help to close the space between our cheeks and masks.

The inner fabric of the surgical mask can absorb moisture. Therefore, It will absorb moisture in exhaled air before contacting the spectacles.

Solution two.

Wash and stop glasses with fogging
Wash and stop glasses with fogging

Most of us can’t fit those masks according to our face shape. Then, we can reduce surface tension to solve the struggle.

For that, follow these steps.

  1. First, make some soap water dissolving a detergent or Peace of soap.
  2. Then, Wash your spectacle lenses with soppy water.
  3. After that, wash with tap water smoothly.
  4. Allow to air dry the lenses
  5. Finally, wipe lenses with soft tissue. That is all. Now wear your fog-free spectacles.

The soap water makes tiny surfactant on the lenses surface. This thin layer reduces surface tension.  Then, condensed water vapor can’t make tiny water droplets.

Now you have stopped fog on your spectacles. A clear vision. But it is not enough to see a virus so, wear a mask and stay safe from pathogens.

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