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    Cardiologists Were Able to Print More Accurate 3D Model of a Patient’s Heart

    A correct image of the organs of inside our body helps do get more accurate treatments for our diseases. By X-Ray technique human started to watch inside the human body. Then in modern medicine world CT and MRI techniques are used to diagnosis. In cardiology the three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography (3DTEE) method is used for crate […] More

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    Researchers Find Unusually Elastic Protein That Facilitates to Nanosecond Discharge

    Polyp hydra Photo Credit :┬áKiel University The Researchers found a elastomer in the freshwater polyp Hydra’s weapons system. Named as the Cnidoin. A kind of harpoon launched from this ancient animals’ body within a few nanoseconds and It is a one of the fastest processes in biology and involves volumechanges of the highly pressurized (150 […] More