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    New Findings May Help to Reconstruct Your Nose Based on Your Genome

    Can you give a complete answer to this question, What’s your face shape? You may give an answer with round, diamond, oval or square like one word. Although we categorized face shapes into several groups. Our face shapes and facial features have a huge diversity. Genetically It is known as a multipartite trait. Therefore, for […] More

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    Scientific Ways to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission into Atmosphere

    How to Reduce Carbon Dioxide emission

    As the leader organism on earth we have to face lot of environmental problems. Most of these problems are due to the results of our unsustainable activities. As we know, among these problems, the global warming is the major environmental problem. The only way to resolve this problem is reduce the emission of greenhouse gases […] More

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    Branches of Science – The Complete List

    In this article you are going to know complete description about the branches of science. From your childhood you may probably hear many terms combining with the “science” word. So, sometimes you may thought about this study area as an uncategorized subject. But it is wrong. We can scientifically categorize this board study area for […] More

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    Low Cost Custom Made Prostheses from Apatite.

    In modern medicine most of time, patients’ damaged organs are replaced by artificial organs. Due to some bio incompatible issues of these transplants patients have to face lot of problems. But now there are 100% biocompatible prostheses. But the problem is these high quality custom made prostheses have a high manufacturing cost. So lot of […] More

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    Inexpensive Hydrogen Fuel From Water and Sunlight

    After the industrial revolution the whole world tended to depend on the fossil fuels. But the limitation of the fossil fuels scientist had to find alternative fuel sources for the energy requirements. As a results solar cells and other renewing energy sources are invented. Among these energy sources the hydrogen fuel is relatively a good […] More

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    Today’s Mars has Liquid Water Flows

    In biology water is considered as the main evidence for the life. Therefore, astronomers who preferred to find life on a another planet do researches for finding water. As the results of these researches NASA scientists found gypsum mineral on Mars proving that there was water on mars million years ago. After few years of […] More

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    Researchers Programmed Virus Infected Cells with Targeting DNA

    Nowadays, the most of disease treatment researches goes with the DNA technology rather than traditional chemical treatments. In living beings all metabolisms are controlled with DNA information. Therefore, by controlling the DNA information within the cells, it can be easily control the all metabolism pathways of a living being. This technology goes with targeting DNA. […] More

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    Scientists Mimic Photosynthesis and Made a 10% Efficient Fuel Cell

    The life on the earth mostly depends on the photosynthesis of plants. Because, all animals obtain energy as a chemical energy from carbohydrates, proteins & lipids. The plants produce these, required chemical energy via photosynthesis by using the sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. As you know modern world required new renewable energy sources as alternative […] More

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